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E-Stim Systems OMG

E-Stim Systems OMG


The OMG. It stands for Oh My God, and that is going to be the first thing you say when you see it. At 3 inches in diameter it's probably more achievable than the 4 inch diameter Decimator. Its another 1/2 inch in diameter bigger than the Stuffer so you know you are going to feel it once it's in. It's certainly not designed for beginners

The OMG has the electrode contacts at the top and bottom of the electrode, providing excellent contact and a more natural feeling than some other designs and the base is machined with a series of grip rings to help during insertion and extraction.

Built from aircraft grade materials this bipolar electrode can be disassembled for cleaning.

Fitted with 4mm sockets in the base. Covered by E-Stim Systems Lifetime guarantee.

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