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E-Stim Systems Pinwheel (Dual)

E-Stim Systems Pinwheel (Dual)


Pinwheels or 'Wartenburg Wheels' were a medical device originally designed to test nerve response...these electro pinwheels test more than just nerve response!

With insulated handles and heavy duty 4mm sockets, these bipolar electric pin wheels have been described by some as 'just plain 'evil''.

Each spiked wheel teases the skin as the current flows though, producing an unbelievable sensation. If you want to intensify the pleasure there is no need to press harder, just turn up the power.

As this is a bipolar device it can be used on most parts of the body, but do not use to stimulate areas above the neck. For best results use conductive gel on the skin surface.

Supplied in a protective storage tube.

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