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Introducing the DV8 pinwheel electrode. A metal spark gapped electrode combined with a wartenberg wheel! Testing has proved this to be the most intense electrode in the DV8 range.

Standard size is 7/16" and will fit most vintage wands. Other sizes are available as a custom order, please contact us.

Used with regular Violet Wands, these Metal Electrodes cause the strongest sensations you can feel from a Violet Wand unit, bar none. No glass electrode comes even close.

All DV8™ Metal Electrodes are as safe as any glass electrode. They are equipped with a Spark Gap, which insures, that you and the people you play with are safe, even if the Violet Wand has a catastrophic failure!

The Aluminum Connector is precision made on a lathe and semi-transparent Nylon is used for the spark gap isolator, so you don't have to trust me that there is a spark gap, you can see it. They are nevertheless HIGH INTENSITY ELECTRODES. Therefore this WARNING: Always start at lowest wand setting and be ready to remove, if stimulation is too strong. THESE ELECTRODES CAN CAUSE BURNS!

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