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DV8™ Body contact

DV8™ Body contact


Makes a Violet Wand Toy out of any conductive item or energizes you and let sparks fly from your fingers. This body contact is equipped with a Connector with Spark Gap Isolator for your security and 6' of Ball Chain, so you can move around freely (no stiff cables). A smooth aluminum rod is used to connect the user to the Violet Wand.

For an even better experience, please see our regular DV8™ Body Contact, which has an Aluminum Pad instead of the rod. It is more comfortable for either the sub to lay on or for the top to wear under the belt on the skin. Doesn't slip out from there or slip down into your pants either.

The Aluminum Connector, identical to the one all DV8™ electrodes, is precision made on a lathe and semi-transparent Nylon is used for the spark gap, so you don't have to trust me that there is one, you can see it.

The DV8™ Deluxe Body Contact is constructed identical, but has a Latex covered ball chain, which prevents any and all sparking to people and conductive objects. This is NOT a security measure, just one of convenience to never have to deal with unwanted sparking. Due to the insulation being Latex, the ball chain moves and bends, as if the insulation wasn't there. No stiffness whatsoever! Also, the swivel function of the ball chain is maintained.

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