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Bamboo silk rope

Bamboo silk rope


Our bamboo-silk is the most soft supple luxurious rope you will use in your bondage. Combining the natural strength and softness of silk with the durability and warmth of bamboo fiber into a rope that is truly one of a kind. This rope can easily be classified as "pajama" rope and is perfect for riggers who want to keep things soft and sensual as they play with their partner. The rope has a slight stretch that helps keep tying light hearted and playful while at the same time helping to maintain a positive connection with your partner.

Our rope comes to you ready to use with a standard 6 mm (1/4 inch) diameter and a double overhand knot because we have found that a double overhand knot is the best way to secure the ends of the rope.


-To wash your bamboo-silk rope we have found that this product is best washed by hand in the a sink or basin with a mild detergent. Hang dry in a well ventilated area until dry and then coil your rope.

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