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Electroplay safety and FAQ


Do you offer discreet shipping?

Absolutely. All orders are sent in plain packaging. Spend over £50 and they will be posted for free.

What is the difference between violet wands and estim?

The two main types of electrical play are violet wands and electro stimulation devices (E-Stim, tens and the like). Violet wands are higher voltage/higher frequency, the sensation is felt from a spark acting on the surface of the skin. E-stim, tens, etc causes a tingling sensation and muscle contraction. These require full contact to work, whereas a violet wand needs a gap for the spark to 'jump'.

With this in mind, it is less common to use insertable electrodes with a violet wand (although it can be done). Whereas e-stim has a wide range of insertables for anal and  vaginal use - even sounding and a speculum!

Can they both be used at the same time?

No, the voltages and EMF produced by a violet wand would break the electronics inside an estim unit

How does the E-Stim lifetime guarantee work?

The lifetime guarantee covers all control boxes and premium electrodes. They are covered for your lifetime (as the original purchaser), against failure during reasonable use. Products can be returned for repair or replacement. 

Accessories ie pads, batteries or cables are not covered. Accessories are all supplied on a limited 3 month guarantee


Violet wand use and safety

Do not use if:

  • you have a heart condition or have had any previous heart surgery
  • you wear a pacemaker, or any other kind of medical electronics (the wand emits an emf which will intefere with/break these devices
  • you have a history of neurological disorders
  • you are pregnant

Use with care if:

  • You are diabetic (I personally won't use one on a diabetic, but be aware they will burn/scar much easier) Note - if you use an insulin pump, refer to the section above regarding medical electronics.
  • You have braces, joint replacements or internal metal plates, etc. You should avoid this area by around 12 inches (titanium is perfectly safe)
  • You are allergic to ozone

Things to be aware of

  • Electrical devices (phones, laptops, etc) can be damaged by using a wand nearby
  • It can burn holes in clothing. Rubber and latex will melt


  • Keep moving - the longer you stay on one area the greater the risk of damage
  • Start on a low setting and go from there
  • Keep away from water
  • Keep away from rings/piercings
  • Avoid the eyes!
  • A session shouldn't last longer than 15 minutes. The wand and your subject need a break