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Getting started

Firstly you need to understand there are different types of electroplay devices, refer to the FAQ page "what is the difference between violet wands and estim". Also there are purely shocking devices such as tasers and shock collars (note - we do not recommend shocking the neck area). It's a good idea to attend an event where you can try some of these for yourself and work out which feeling you prefer and go from there.


Getting started - Violet wands

Ok, so you decided a violet wand is for you. All you really need to begin is the wand 'kit' itself. These come with glass electrodes, the number of which depends on the size of the set you buy. You don't necessarily need lots and can have a lot of enjoyment from just a handful of 'must haves'. Usually the following:

Mushroom - a flat circular contact area for mild general use

Comb/rake - originally for brushing hair, but can be used on the skin for a slightly sharper effect

Y electrode - a useful tool for offering a sharp or spread out sensation

Fulgurator - named after the medical process of fulguration (to destroy skin tissue) this ends in a single metal wire and can be very intense

More electrodes simply mean you can create more varying sensations, and you can show off a big set if showing off is your thing. You do not always need a vast selection of glassware to expand on your capabilities. There is another way - indirect or reverse use

Indirect or reverse is more advanced, but not so difficult to master. All you need is either a 'saturation' electrode (a glass tube with a metal spiral inside), or one of the DV8 reverse contact leads (I recommend these over the saturation tube). Once you have this, then anything metal becomes a toy, or you can just make contact with your hand. If you are inexperienced, I highly recommend tuition before attempting this though. I offer workshops all over the country and am more than happy to meet at any event.


Getting started - E-Stim

To get you on the road to stimming, you will need a power box, leads and something to attach/insert. The best setup for a beginner is the 'intro2electro' kits that include everything you will need all boxed in a handy carry case with a comprehensive instruction manual that will teach you many useful techniques.

If you prefer to 'build your own' set, then there are several power boxes to choose from:

Series 1 - a perfectly capable unit with adjustment knobs to create a videly varied output

2B - The flagship model with features such as pc/internet control, audio input, dual isolated channels, etc, etc 

Abox - audio driven unit

Remote - controllable from a keyfob transmitter

Once you have chosen your control box, then decide where you wish to attach it and how. The most common methods are:

for guys - either cock loops or insertables for anal use or added to contact pads for prostate stimulation

for girls - insertables or sticky pads

Electrodes such as sounding rods and speculums are also available for more experienced users

You will need leads to connect your control box to your chosen electrode. Bear in mind they do not all use the same size connection. Some leads are included with the control boxes, but some are not. Make sure you read the specification of your electrode and check you have the cable to fit it.

Note - a good addition to any kit is some kind of contact gel. Be that tacgel for sticky use or electro lube for insertables. It's useful to have and will enhance your experience.


As always, there is more to learn, but hopefully you have enough information to get started. If you have questions please get in touch via the contact page